Bank Owned Properties

Asset Manager

As an agent for your company, Martin will be the eyes and ears for each property and take as much of the work load as possible so that you have nothing to worry about regarding the care and sale of these homes. We take great care to address all health and safety issues, keep a close eye on vacant properties for any potential squatters & notifying the authorities for any problems. With an in- office staff we can quickly respond to all emails and inquiries & take time to properly report all property issues in addition to following specific guidelines for each vendor. We do extensive research on the market so that all BPO’s come in at an accurate price reflective of actual market values to ensure the lowest days on the market without underpricing.


Looking to live in a great neighborhood but can’t afford the price tag? Bank owned properties may be the solution to your problems. There is a broad range of bank owned properties, from those that need a lot of work which may be more suitable for investors or handymen; to regular homes with minimal updates where unfortunately the prior owner could no longer afford it. There are even special financing options that banks offer which can enable you to make the updates and repairs in the house you desire. Our team is knowledgeable in all options, can walk you through the process, and point you to banks we trust. Either way, bank owned properties can be acquired for a reasonable value and may be a suitable home for you and your family.


When making an investment the main purpose is to not only get your money back, but to make a profit as well. Working with bank owned properties can assist in that goal. We can help you navigate which properties should be considered a long-term investment by analyzing rental trends in the area for long-term gains. If short term investments are more your speed, our company has assisted investors in buying and selling. We distinguish how much time & money should go into each project and what the home will be worth once completed. Martin can assist you from start to finish. Our main goal is the get you the best return on your investments.

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